Tip: You must be 12 years old to volunteer in any ministry.



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Confidential Information

To provide a safe and secure environment for our Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adult, we believe it is necessary to include the following questions as part of our application process.  All information will be kept confidential by church leadership and the Plan to Protect team.  (Police may access this information, under warrant, if requested.)  Answering yes to any of the questions may not necessarily preclude your involvement in ministry. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Have you ever been a defendant or respondent in a civil lawsuit or human rights complaint or other legal proceeding in which you were alleged to have abused or engaged in violence, harassment or other immoral or illegal behaviour or conduct involving Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adult?

Release of Information and Declaration of Intent

I hereby give International Worship Centre Inc. permission to contact the persons named as references to ascertain my suitability for volunteer ministry. I release all such references from liability for any damage that may result from furnishing such evaluations to you.

I give International Worship Centre Inc. consent to verify the information provided herein and to contact the references listed. I waive any right to confidentiality and of any right to pursue damages against International Worship Centre Inc. for losses caused by the references response.

I also grant my permission for International Worship Centre Inc.  to perform a police records check, for purposes of my protection against any false allegations and for the protection of those I serve. I consent to such an investigation with the understanding that the results will be kept in strict confidence. I agree to adhere to the protection policies as adopted by this International Worship Centre Inc..

I understand that if my character or morals are deemed by International Worship Centre Inc.  leadership to be inappropriate and/or criminal at any time during my volunteer service, International Worship Centre Inc. will be entitled to terminate my assistance without express cause or prior notice regardless of any other oral or written statement by International Worship Centre Inc.  prior to, at, or following the date of volunteer service.

I understand that International Worship Centre Inc. is responsible for the welfare of any person or persons entrusted to my care. I will cooperate fully with the staff in the fulfillment of my duties and will keep all information I encounter, in my role as a volunteer, confidential.  If at any time I find that for any reason I am unable to support the policies, procedures, or doctrine of International Worship Centre Inc., I will gracefully and quietly resign my volunteer position. If my supervisors find that I conflict with any of the policies, procedures or doctrines and we are not able to resolve the issue, I will gracefully and quietly agree to resign my volunteer position.

I hereby acknowledge that, to the best of my knowledge, the information contained in this application for volunteer ministry is true and correct. I accept and agree to adhere to the Statement of Faith of International Worship Centre Inc..


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Parent/Guardian Acceptance

For the Parent/Guardian named above, by clicking "I accept" below, you are indicating that you have read, understood, and agree with the above on behalf of your child, the applicant named above.


Information received is confidential and is being gathered for the purposes of screening Ministry Volunteer. The information gathered here will be used for the purposes of supporting the ministries at International Worship Centre Inc..


Witness of Acceptance